Muellners Foundation is an 'open source intelligence agency', a co-operative of global citizens.

We are a community of humans from all across the world. Members come from technology, research, science, banking, governance, & media industry. Members are also developers, mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, artists, musicians, & students from all across the planet.

Muellners Foundation maintains open source, digital public goods and services.

Foundation hosts a research and development co-operative of members, distributed across different time zones. Foundation has adopted a decentralised autonomous governance model, whereby members are self organised by an Open Constitution.

Muellners Foundation advocates an open source, carbon neutral, & resilient global monetary system.


We advocate social inclusion in open source projects. Our open engineering communities run on democratic and diversity principles.


Open Research

We aim to solve some of the complex problems of human society. Members contribute to open research on different sustainable development challenges.


Observation Body

We are experiential learning based community. Our community spaces are SPAM free public forums, where humans collaborate with a sense of security, & sentience.


Open Podcast

Members come from different parts of the world and host knowledge sessions on different initiatives of the Foundation.

Live Schedule