Muellners Foundation is a RnD co-operative, a social finance and Intellectual property capital organisation.

Here we have listed a few introductory frequently asked questions(FAQs) by members, partners, customers, and connected stakeholders.

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What is Muellners Foundation?

Muellners Foundation is an international research and development, and commerce union. Muellners Foundation performs its mission through a group of legal bodies, registered to perform economic activities. Foundation maintains a non for profit character and has adopted Open Constitution.

What is the connection between Muellners Foundation and Open Constitution?

Open Constitution is a self governance Internet protocol. Open Constitution has fiscal hosts, which maintain digital public goods and services. Muellners Foundation is the first fiscal host of Open Constitution in EEA, and acts as a legal steward of Open Constitution initiative.

What group of legal bodies are constituents of Muellners group?

The private Foundation is foremost registered as a 'frivillig forening' voluntary association, which is also scheduled to be updated as a Self Governing Institution. To perform economic services activities, Muellners group is also presently incorporated in Denmark, EU as Muellners ApS, and Muellner Internet in India. The limited liability legal bodies act as data processors, critical infrastructure provider, and IP leasing and financial services.

How do I become part of Muellners Foundation initiatives?

As a natural person in EEA, you can become a voluntary member of the Foundation. Elsewhere across the world, you can become an e resident of the Open Constitution.


How does my organisation become Muellners Foundation partner?

Read more about Open Constitution partner program.

Who supports Muellners Foundation?

As an open source and non for profit group, Foundation is supported by grants, accrual digital infrastructure licenses by several industry stakeholders including Atlassian Inc. Google Inc. Slack Inc. Microsoft Inc. Github Inc. Gitbook Inc. Salesforce Inc. Civilised Discourse Construction Kit Inc. Canva Pty Ltd. Amazon Web Services Inc. Docusign Inc.

Who finances the Muellners Foundation?

As a private Foundation, founding members of Muellners group - (Saransh, Lara, Ankit) have supported it financially for the first three years. Foundation also provides specific technology advisory services to BFSI sector to maintain sustainable operations.

Does Foundation support external activities and projects e.g by funding or resources ?

Yes, Foundation maintains Open Constitution digital resources. Any external project or an initiative can be introduced to the Foundation's Open Convention forums. Muellners Foundation also funds activities. It is working with Open Constitution initiative to set up a Global Trust Fund - Open Treasury. The Fund is not active today.